Easy Talk is a professional translation application
for websites, e-traders and translator professionals.

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Search Millions of Projects

You can search and bid on projects posted by users. This is completely free. A gold mine that leads you to earn money. You can start working in this gold mine right away. Register. Give Your Bids. Make Conversations.

Easy To Handle Projects

As a user or as a translator / translation office, they can easily manage them projects. You can announce a project or bid on projects. Remember, being popular is an advantage for translators / translation offices.

Search Expert Candidates

Register now. You can bid on projects. You can rise with your increasing popularity after completing projects with your offers.

Be Popular

Popularity is a privilege where the system automatically sends offers. Don't you want to be a part of this club? To learn about the privileges, please view our how it works page.

Earn Money Easly

The results of your bids for the projects will be pre-approved. After completing the project, the user will be charged and deposited into your account. You can withdraw this to bank or payment methods whenever you want. Please follow the explanations for deductions.

Make A Video/Audio Call

You can have a live conversation with translator / translator offices on the system. You can describe your project or complete your project on live chat. Remember, you must have credit in your account for this.

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