Easy Talk is a professional translation application
for websites, e-traders and translator professionals.

A Member

How it works

Become A Member

You can Become A Member from our website or mobile application. While signing up, you need to perform some verification steps.

Confirm Your Documents

After the membership process and verification processes, you need to go through the approval process of some documents we want. As a clue, the information you subscribe to and the approval documents must be exactly the same.

Bid Projects

When you log in from our website or mobile application, you can bid on projects that will come your way. Projects consist of two steps. After bidding on the project, the other (user) may want to have a video / audio conversation with you through our application after approving. Upon completion of this and approval of the user, the necessary deductions will be deposited to your account. Another situation is; Once the project is approved and delivered without a meeting, the necessary deductions will be made and deposited into your account.

Be Popular

After users create a project, the system automatically sends a notification to the top 10 translators who accepted the most projects and ended happily. This is an automation. If there is no response within 15 minutes, it continues by eliminating. As you become popular, you will be able to receive notifications the fastest.


You can transfer the fee accumulated in your account to the bank or other payment methods you have defined two days a week (Monday, Wednesday). 5% deduction is made for fee transfers.