Easy Talk is a professional translation application
for websites, e-traders and translator professionals.

A Member

How it works

Become A Member

You can Become A Member from our website or mobile application. While signing up, you need to perform some verification steps. It is divided into User and Seller.

Post A Project

Users must be logged in via our mobile application in order to post a project. You can open your projects within the specified categories. After the project is opened, you can evaluate the offers received and make pre-approval. After the preliminary approval, once the project is completed, payment will be received through the system and will be deposited into the account of the translator / translator office that submitted the bid.

Become a Partners Vendor

Create a line between vendors, users and translators / translator offices on the sites we cooperate with. They are involved in projects.

Buy Credits

You can buy credits through our website or mobile applications. These credits are deducted from your credit account in minutes in project negotiations. Credit drops may differ according to project categories.